Lignes d´extase

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Beside the things you really wanna do, you have to cope with everyday routines. After cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. there might be only a little time left.

The idea in this experiment is to combine my wish to work creatively together with my daily routines. And what i discovered, is that there are a lot of invisible traces, that are just waiting to be manipulated to become visible.


The first series of these autonomous drwaings in order to discover daily traces is called: lignes d´extase

The images were generated by a washing machine. While I am doing my laundry there is a piece of paper on top of the machine. Glases with pens taped to them translate the vibrance in to traces on to the canvas.

Further Use

The Aesthetics of this work were used to generate the recreation of the Veuve Cliquot Mailbox.

Making visual cross references to champagne sparklings, hand written letters, geographical maps,

the “remouage technique” and the vibrating excitement of receiving a message.

Feel free to vote for the designe here.

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