young european talents 2013

Exhibition on topic of ressource efficient fashion design


tim labenda AV13

Creative Direction in Appereance of a TV-Show based special Fashion-collection

it´s nice to must have the unreachable

Design-system for finding various but similiar solutions for branding processes — concerning accessory design


there is no such thing as “PRIVATE”

Experimental Light-Insallation on behalf of the Impossibility to “see” anyone else but oneself

_01 there is no private

Fashion Week Berlin Visuals

Catwalk Visuals for the “Stallwächter”-Party in Berlin due to 50 years of German-French Friendship



shifting reality

Performance Presentation of a Fashion Collection dealing with the interference of “the Body” and “the Machine”


Aura Physicalis

Experimental Projections and Movies concerning the scope expansion of body and space through fashion


Interactive Multimedia-Sculpture, which is putting a new kind of structure to information and room ambience



an image diary

Two friends communicating their daily live only by visual manner. Round about 3 months and 300 images


Rummel 2030

Can we learn something from the creative unbiasedness of children? Can we guide unpredictable output to a serious presentation in an impartial way? A Series of Workshops !



Typograpchical Experiments all surrounding the Garden as a symbol of Innocence and/or Smugness



Sound-sculpture working witch kinetic energy, mechatronik transformation and digital distortion. 4 litres of water falling.


Learning from Berlin

Self-initiated research project on Berlin as Germany´s creative capital


Café Roland

Founding a Café.

From the basic Idea, to finding a spot, to write a Business plan, to renovate furniture, to do the shoppping, to calculate sales, to manage our staff, to creating comfortable atmosphere, to get motivated for the daily grind, to survive big events, to doing our taxes…and in the end becoming more and more a cultural institution to our city.

Café Roland Team