Weltbaumeister – Bruno Taut

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Szenographic workshop installation for Bruno Taut “Der Weltbaumeister”. Originally it was planed as an architectural spectacle, as a synaesthetic total work of art. Bruno Taut (1880-1938) first wanted to become a painter but then he turned out as one of the most important architects of the 20th century, because in his work Light, Color and Form are equal in their importance. The Process of Rise and Decay evokes the birth of the enamel age. Colors and Forms are sounding, sound is getting visible, no picturesque images only a play of appearing and disappearing light and sound.
After planing what will happen in this scene everything appearing was specially made durig the workshop. For the Installation we sewed our textile tunnel, on which up to 9 projectors show abstract and narrative movies just in time the visitors pass certain areas. To these ares little analogue effects werde added, i.e. by pasta crunching under your feet while you step on it and architecture breaks down, or ventilators and ropes are creating new architecture out of the textile tunnel. Furthermore the sound collage for the installation was also especially made during the workshop.The workshop was initiated by Matthias Siegert (architect), Werner Kolk (dramatic adviser), Bryan Wolf (sound)

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